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As Blender I have worked with clients from as far away as Australia, but by far the majority are local small businesses here in Vancouver. I like it like this. Over the years I have built solid relationships with clients that have supported and grown my business.

While meeting in person might seem inefficient, the truth is sitting across from someone you can exchange ideas much more easily. Meeting face to face is something you take for granted in a normal workplace, but as a self employed independent web designer, personal contact is gold!

It’s not unusual to be meeting with a client or just talking with someone and learning that I have worked with someone close to them. The vast majority of my clients have come from referrals so reaching this local critical mass feels really good.

So – Thanks Vancouver Clients!


Successful SEO campaign (updated)

New client Squeeze Vancouver had a website already, but it’s search engine traffic was very disappointing.  Blender was hired to optimize the website to better compete with other local chair massage businesses.  We quickly identified some structural problems with the website, worked with the client to create some new content, and developed an SEO plan.

Mobile Chair Massage Squeeze Vancouver

UPDATE: Blender is happy to report that Squeeze has received it’s first clients from organic search!  After a little over a month clicks through Google are up 87%. Most importantly we are seeing our targeted search phrases starting to appear on the first page in some searches.

Blender welcomes Genssante

Blender is happy to welcome new client Genssante. Blender will be doing their ongoing maintenance and updates.  First task – update the website using php scripting to make maintaining it easier and cheaper.

Thanks to client Mark Rosengarten ( for the referral.