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The website design process includes more than the appearance of your website. Many critical decisions are made impacting every stage of website creation - from graphics and navigation to the prominance of social media and SEO. The right choices have to be made to realize the full potential of your website.

website design by Blender

Your website needs to communicate your message to visitors - you may not get a second chance! Blender can use your existing branding and develop a website to fit your needs.

Opportunities in Website Design

A modern website is dynamic and interactive in ways that traditional internet media never could be. This brings exciting new ways to introduce visitors to your organisation.

  • graphics and animation to catch visitors attentions
  • dynamic content such as blogs which grow with time
  • social media to make connections

Our Website Design Process

To ensure your website is built to properly serve your needs now and in the future Blender will:

  • involve you in the design process from the beginning
  • meet with you and ask what you want out of your website
  • make suggestions and explain everything that is involved
  • provide design proofs

our website portfolio

The websites on this page were designed and programmed by Blender. They include examples of traditional design and programming as well as websites with dynamic content and content managment systems. If you have any questions about these websites don't hesitate to ask.

Click through for more examples of my website programming.

our work... - simple and elegant website that uses jQuery to add specific interest - simple and elegant website that uses jQuery to add specific interest - site combines Flash and HTML focusing on accessability and search engine optimization (SEO) - Worpress photo blog with custom template featuring Flash animated accents - Flash based website featuring content management system (CMS) and shopping cart - Flash based photography website featuring content management system Flash based photography portfolio featuring content management system (CMS) - budget conscious work portfolio site with search engine optimization as focus - features content management system (CMS) - Wordpress based content management system (CMS) site and blog - Flash based artist portfolio featuring content management system (CMS)