Web Browser Usage Statistics

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Web­site Ars Tech­nica has com­piled vis­i­tor browser use sta­tis­tics updated for March.  Inter­net Explorer con­tin­ues to be the most pop­u­lar browser with roughly 50% of users.  The next two most pop­u­lar are Fire­fox and Chrome.  The two graph­ics here show over usage includ­ing mobile, and desk­top only.  Note that Safari use dou­bles as you move from desk­top to over­all vis­i­tors — this reflects iPhone and iPad.

Track­ing vis­i­tor browser usage is impor­tant as each browser and plat­form has its own par­tic­u­lar con­sid­er­a­tions.  Mobile browsers have tiny screens, iPads and touch based, desk­tops have large screens.  All of these must be con­sid­ered in web­site design.