improve search ranking with great content

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One of the best ways to improve search rank­ing is to cre­ate great con­tent.  Great con­tent that other web­sites will want to link to.  It is espe­cially good if the search engines con­sider these web­sites to be author­i­ties on a topic you are targeting.

Recently the Blender web­site expe­ri­enced just such a lift.  Pop­u­lar lifestyle blog Life Hacker linked to a tool hosted in the Blender web­site that cal­cu­lated costs for a cloud stor­age ser­vice.  Of course vis­i­tor traf­fic went through the roof increas­ing by sev­eral orders of mag­ni­tude when their post went live.  More inter­est­ingly, search traf­fic both in the form of impres­sions (searchers see­ing the Blender web­page in their search results) and vis­its nearly dou­bled.  The con­tent of my web­site had­n’t changed, but Blender looks a lit­tle bet­ter now.

Links from author­i­ta­tive and top­i­cal web­sites are gold. Long gone are the days when SEOs would lit­ter the inter­net with thou­sands of links to a web­site in a bid to game the search engines.  Some­times referred to as search engine spam it is now con­sid­ered inef­fec­tive, and likely a rank­ing liability.

There are many great blog posts and guides out there with sug­ges­tions on link build­ing strate­gies, which I’ll link to below.  Post mortem:

  • I chose a topic I was knowl­edge­able about and I thought would be of inter­est to others.
  • I wrote sev­eral posts on the topic of linked them together.  Inter­ested vis­i­tors con­tinue to read about their topic of inter­est vis­it­ing more pages, show­ing search engines there was con­tent at Blender worth send­ing peo­ple to read. (ref­er­ence: silos and bounce rates)
  • Dur­ing my research I found a tool for cal­cu­lat­ing stor­age costs.  It was open source and use­ful so I inte­grated it into my web­site (care­ful to give full credit).
  • The struc­ture cre­ated search traf­fic, the likely source of the Life Hacker writer.  The con­tent was use­ful, so she linked to it.

Hope­fully the increased traf­fic, both directly from the arti­cle and indi­rectly from the increased search engine vis­i­bil­ity, will lead to even more links. In extreme cases this would be what is referred to as hav­ing gone viral, mean­ing with­out fur­ther pro­mo­tion traf­fic con­tin­ues to increase.

Some links to get you started:

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