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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an evolving struggle between rival websites competing for search position and search engines dedicated to providing meaningful results to visitors. If your website is a promotional tool then SEO is essential. You want visitors, the right visitors, to find your website easily. Some factors affecting search optimization include website architecture, site content, page labeling, social media, and external referrals.

Search Engine Optimization Services by Blender

Blender considers SEO to be an essential part of website design and maintenance. Some specific areas where we can help you are:

Search Readiness Audit

If your website is not being featured well on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) then an assessment is a recommended first step. Blender will run a battery of tests which will be provided to you in a report along with our custom detailed summary interpretation. This report and analysis will cover your website's search accessibility, individual page optimization, and external referral factors. The analysis will include rated, detailed, actionable items for improving your website search performance.

Our report consists of:

  • detailed SEO analysis which identifies problems and recommends changes
  • a site wide overview of the entire website
  • detail reports on the most important pages of your website including keyword optimization and comparison to competing search leaders

Samples from our report and analysis:

SEO Summary Audit Sample
SEO Website Audit Report
SEO Webpage Audit Sample

SEO Strategy

Improving a websites search performance requires goals, strategy, and tracking. Blender can recommend improvements to your website that will increase search traffic, then help you implement that strategy. Setting goals and tracking progress against benchmarks are necessarily part of good SEO. We will ensure you have the tools to track your progress, even in real time!

Design for Search

All Blender websites are developed with search engines in mind. Our website architectures and web page programming use best practices to make your web page content visible to search engines and your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing competitive. Learn more about our web design and website programming.

Success Stories

Established Search Presence

Squeeze Mobile Massage had a beautiful website, but was getting no traffic through search. Blender audited their website then made some structural and content changes. One month later website traffic was up over 80% and the Squeeze website was appearing in Google search results. Now nearly a year later Squeeze is averaging 180 monthly visits for the general search 'chair massage' and listing first in Google for the long tail target search 'chair massage vancouver'.
SEO Success...

Cured Search Engine Penalty

Our own Blender website was the subject of a Google search penalty! Google is always looking for ways to improve the usefulness of their search results, so SEO best practices are always changing. When our search monitoring detected traffic suddenly dropping off we suspected Google was penalizing our website. After identifying the problem some quick changes restored our website in Google's results.
SEO Trouble...

more about Blender SEO

The SEO section of our blog talks about our SEO successes as well as general SEO issues of interest to our clients and the community. read more about SEO...