Websites need to run smoothly, display quickly, and work on many varied computers. Visitors of all sorts will view your website and they all need to have a great experience. Further, you need to be able to keep it up to date and search engines like Google need to be able to understand what it's all about. This and more is website development...

website development by Blender

Through the years Blender has been programming websites for clients we have faced all sorts of challenges and embraced many new technologies. The web is a dynamic, growing medium that requires eagerness to adapt.

Website Programming

Depending on your goals Blender can use any of the following to get the most out of your website's design:

  • client-side scripting including Javascript, jQuery, Moo-tools
  • server-side scripting including PHP or ASP
  • mySQL databases
  • Flash and Actionscript

Content Management (CMS)

Many clients need to be able to update and maintain their website to keep it timely and up to date. Depending on the requirements Blender can program anything from a simple targeted content editor to a fully customizable content management system (CMS). Our current favourite for complete website control is WordPress, but we are experienced with Drupal and others.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Succeeding in search engine rankings starts with programming a website that search engines can understand and categorize in a meaningful way. Blender is experienced in tailoring content and structuring web pages to increase your website's visibility. Find out more about our SEO...

Website Traffic Monitoring

Blender can provide tools and reports so you can monitor your websites traffic and track over time how it is improving.

our website portfolio

These examples of Blender web programming include websites designed by both Blender and other designers. Some were existing websites that Blender modernized and upgraded, others were customized commercial designs.

our work... - Wordpress CMS with WooCommerce customized store - Wordpress CMS with custom directory and map - programmed for Creating Excellence - search engine optimization (SEO), Wordpress CMS with custom template and automated tasks - custom programmed partner portal to showcase and manage featured products - with graphic designer redCreative - search engine optimization (SEO), interactive galleries, social media, blog - redesigned and programmed by BLENDER. Completely rebuilt and updated including CMS, social media, SEO friendly design - a blog template which BLENDER customized and launched with a focus on social media and search engine optimization (SEO) - an outside design which blender rebuilt considering search engine optimization (SEO) and interactivity - built with designer Creating Excellence - Wordpress CMS, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) - an inherited design which BLENDER rebuilt for search engine optimization (SEO) and the addition of a Worpress blog - a blog template which BLENDER customized and launched with a focus on social media and search engine optimization (SEO)
getresultswithcoaching - an inherited Wordpress template which BLENDER customized
an early collaberation with designer Russ Dionne - Flash, Javascript - Highly customized template for a budget concious non-profit society - Customized template based on the CRE Loaded shopping cart system

more about us...

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