SEO Experiment ~ Hubpages

For search engine optimization (SEO) an important factor considered by search engines is inbound links – links from other webpages.  The best link is one from another website who does not link back to you AND has not designated the link as ‘nofollow’.  A nofollow designation tells search engines that the link is either paid or somehow solicited or affiliated.  Often these links will happen naturally over time with good content, but what if you are in a hurry?   Although at first glance it would seem easy to arrange these links, in practice it can be difficult and time consuming. Especially for really good links.

One way to create our links is to author content on blogs or other community based websites.  One such website is Hubpages where you can author your own articles with outgoing links.  The catch is that initially your outgoing links are nofollow, but once you achieve a certain level of credibility with Hubpages your links lose this designation.

I am now 12 days in on an SEO experiment on Hubpages. My ‘hubber’ author rating has passed 75/100 at which point the links in the articles I wrote lost their ‘nofollow’ designation. No news yet on whether this is helping my website in terms of SEO, but it is early days. My concern at the moment is my hubber rating peaked at 82 and has since dropped to 78 … must maintain that 75 rating!  To achieve my hubber rating I wrote two articles, both original and full of great content.  I also read some other authors hubs and made some comments on their work.

You can find links to my Hubpages in my Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Don’t want to link to Hubpages here though!